This just in: New Orleans Po-Boy Festival 2009 Winners

The third annual “save the po-boy”event held the Sunday before Thanksgiving had an enormous turnout this year; the unexpected runaway success of the still-new Po-Boy Festival (it’s only been two years since the first one) continued with more visitors and more restaurants participating than last year. Continue reading

Give yourself a treat this Thanksgiving… dine in the world-class restaurants of New Orleans!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner…for many that means good times with family, fun, and FOOD! Food that you have to prepare for everyone else. If you (or your significant other) dread slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end, it may be time to switch things up this holiday! Continue reading

Prep your taste buds, the Po-Boy Fest is coming!

Dress it up with roast beef, spice it up with Cajun shrimp, or load it up with some crispy fried oysters; no matter how you fill it, the Po-Boy is king in the Crescent City. Continue reading

Red beans and rice Mondays- so nice!

Monday is the traditional Red Beans and Rice on the menu day. It is an old custom from the time when ham was a Sunday meal and Monday was washday. A pot of beans with leftover ham could sit on the stove simmering all day Monday to be the evening’s meal. Continue reading