A New Orleans, Louisiana Bed and Breakfast with Heart and Hospitality

Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast – Meet your Innkeepers

If ever there was a couple destined for the Bed and Breakfast business, it’s the Rabhan duo. Both are consummate professionals and care deeply about the quality of their Inn and the experiences of their guests.

What is a bit unusual, for bed and breakfast Innkeepers, is that this couple has prepared for entrepreneurship in Innkeeping their entire careers, without realizing it. While many of their counterparts readily admit to beginning their Innkeeping opportunity with little or no previous lodging experience of their own, Joe and Bebe bring many years of service in the hospitality and retail marketing industries to the table (albeit the “kitchen table” in this case).

Graduating from the University of Georgia in 1972 with a degree in Food Science and Business, Joe served 25 years in the hotel industry with a major national brand and had the opportunity to direct hotel operations in a number of mid-sized and large resorts and hotels. Over the years, he served as Director of Housekeeping, Director of Food and Beverage and as General Manager. He held the designation of certified hotel administrator at that time and has earned numerous certificates in food service and hotel management.

Bebe graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Fashion Marketing and worked in the retail industry in management roles and later in data and information processing until she and Joe decided to start a family.

Joe and Bebe have two lovely children, Lindsey and Benji. Both lived in the Inn before heading off to college. Lindsey earned a Masters degree in Social Psychology and works in the private sector for a major marketing research firm and Benji completed college with a Business Degree and has his own successful software and internet sales conversion business. He is married to lovely Jenna Mitzner of Miami, FL.