All the latest at the New Orleans Museum of Art

f you are planning a trip to New Orleans, adding the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) to your “to do” list is a must. At NOMA, treasured artwork valued at over $200 million is open to the public everyday. Continue reading

Divulging in Doberge: New Orleans Iconic Confection

With its eight layered decadence sure to qualm any sweet tooth, the Doberge (pronounced Do-bash) cake has made a definite mark on New Orleans. Tantalizing taste buds for so many years, it’s natural to wonder who is responsible for all the indulgence. Continue reading

Ten things you may not know about New Orleans

So you’ve ridden the St. Charles Streetcar, lived it up in the French Quarter, and eaten enough gumbo to fill a family of four and are now left wondering what facets of New Orleans you haven’t mastered. Do not fret: simply read on for informative tidbits about this cultural playground you may not have known. Continue reading