Jazz up your next breakfast or brunch with these easy recipes from the Innkeepers at the Avenue Inn B&B!

Gumbo, pralines, po-boys and more! The cuisines of New Orleans are like nothing else in the world. And when you come to the Crescent City, you will quickly understand why. One taste of any of our local flavors and you’ll be hooked on all the dishes served up in our world class dining establishments. You could literally eat your way through the city!  Breakfast takes no backseat in the Big easy. Unique offerings like like beignets, calas (rice cakes), Pain Perdu (french toast) and Eggs Sardou are visitor favorites. Until you get here yourself, you can enjoy these Creole- and comfort-inspired recipes at home; they’re guaranteed to get your taste buds all Jazzed up.

The Innkeeper’s mother was a master at dragging her kids out of bed with only the scent of an incredible breakfast!  Everyone knows that kids like grilled cheese… but this kitchen maestro devised a way to work all these great flavors into a perfect breakfast dish to help the kids get ready for a busy day.  The recipe for her Grilled Cheese Omelet is one that we would like to share.  We hope your family will enjoy it as much as ours has over the years!

Not to be outdone, our grandma believed in making delicous breakfasts that were both good for you, and simple to make (thanks to the sheer amount of mouths she fed when extended family came during the holidays).  Her Overnight Egg and Cheese Souffle both tasted of home, and the fact that it could be made ahead of time really made things easy in the mornings!

Perfect as a side for any hearty breakfast, our Cheddar Biscuits both pack a flavor-punch, and help fill you up.  This surprisingly-easy recipe will keep you happy when you make them, and your family happy when they eat them!

Bring a little slice of New Orleans to your home anytime with these mouth-watering recipes!


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