Red beans and rice Mondays- so nice!

Monday is the traditional Red Beans and Rice on the menu day. Back in the day, ham on Sundays was a popular meal.  And when Monday is traditionally washday in NOLA, you can’t beat the convenience of a pot of beans simmering on the stove, full of the leftover Sunday ham.  With a self-tending meal bubbling away, the women had time to scrub and wash the clothes.

Because traditions run deep in the south, you can find red beans and rice on the menu in both family home, and in NOLA restaurants.  Even though Mondays are no longer considered “washdays,” the tradition lives on as a staple in Louisiana Creole Cooking.  Any Creole restaurant worth its weight offers red beans and rice on Mondays, often with a pork-based side such as a chop, hunk of ham, or even smoked sausage.  Take it away and the regular customers will most likely cause a small riot.

One the best plates of red beans and rice is at Liuzza’s By The Track, who’s cooking is as fine as its premises are sparse. The old bar and restaurant loads a big plateful of fresh beans with hot or smoked sausage, diner’s choice. It’s enough to feed a horse. Could that fact be related to the restaurants location? The Fair Grounds Race Track is across the street. Liuzza’s By The Track. Esplanade Ridge

Other notable offerings in New Orleans include: the Gumbo Shop, Joey K’s, Ignatius, Dunbar’s, Praline Connection, Napoleon House, Maspero’s.

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