World War II Museum’s ‘Beyond All Boundaries’ is beyond spectacular

Are you a WWII history buff?  You probably already know about the WWII Museum here in New Orleans, but now there’s an even better reason to go: the new “Beyond All Boundaries,” a quick 30-minute peek at the war including what caused it, what happened during, and the effects of, the war.  Touted as a “4-D experience,” the film features a 3-D viewing experience along with live props that animate throughout the viewing, surprise details that the audience finds themselves in the middle of, seats that respond to the movie, and great narration by Tom Hanks with cameos by Patricia Clarkson, John Goodman, Brad Pitt, and others.

Please note that some subject matter may be inappropriate for very young children, including photos of post-war towns, and unpleasant images taken during and after the war.  The movie may also be dangerous for those who suffer from seizures or heart conditions.

A full review of the film can be found at, however why not skip the spoilers and experience it for yourself?  It is a perfect way to spend part of your New Orleans getaway at our Uptown bed and breakfast.  We recommend sitting in the first three rows for the best 4-D sensory experience!

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