If you’re happy and you know it…

A recent study ranks Louisiana as the happiest state in the U.S.  Researchers’ findings resulted from the synthesis of two data sets: participants’ self-reported well being and another data set that took into account a state’s weather, home prices, and other factors that would point to a satisfactorily lifestyle.

According to England’s University of Warwick (specifically researcher Andrew Oswald), the goal of the study was to determine whether an individual’s satisfaction in life matches outside effects (like air quality, daylight hours, population congestion, etc) that are prevalent in their state of residence.

Beating out the beautiful island of Hawaii, Louisiana proves that it’s still got it going on. New Orleans, the state’s most vibrant and popular city, stays a top contender in the tourism game. But for locals and visitors alike, there’s something to be said of the Big Easy.

The spirit of New Orleans can be found in a dark bar with the sounds of bold jazz as thick as any cigar haze floating through the air. You can find it in the excitement-charged air of the French Quarter, the spicy shrimp po-boys at a sidewalk café, a brisk breeze sashaying through the live Oaks at the Audubon Zoo. A sense of passion always present, New Orleans continues to charm even the most discriminating of travelers, luring them in with her culture, jazz, and that special je ne sais quoi.

Four years after Katrina, maybe it’s time to visit. With the New Orleans tourist spots going strong, the food tasting as good as ever, and the jazz scene keepin’ things real, why not? Maybe the nation’s happiest residents will teach you a little something about fine living.


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