New Orleans Rocks for NYE

People ask us all time, “is there anything to do in New Orleans for New Year’s Eve?”  What? Are they kidding? This is the city that invented party!  While the city is known for its almost year-round party atmosphere, New Years Eve tops the list for an “off the charts” experience. They say that if you can’t go to New York City, then go to New Orleans!

While there are many, many options for New Year’s gatherings in this city, finding the best parties takes some research and a bit of intuition. Pretty much every club will be hosting some sort of year-end party, all guaranteeing a great time, no matter if you live in the city or you are a visitor.  And believe it or not, a NOLA New Year isn’t just for the adults: there are plenty of kid-friendly happenings that day and night!

But be warned:  there are many landmines you might encounter when planning a NOLA New Year’s Getaway!  Your first mistake will be forgetting to book your room at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast until it’s too late!!!  For more great pointers, we suggest checking out this article at, after which you should be ready to have a perfect night of fun in our beautiful city!

Are you coming to New Orleans for New Years, or have you stayed in New Orleans for New Years in the past?  Please share your tips and feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

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