New Year? A New Year’s Resolution- Visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras!

Whatever it takes, make arrangements to be part of the biggest party in the country! See it for yourself, the quintessential New Orleans experience hits town February 16, 2010 (Mardi Gras Day aka Fat Tuesday). With parades dotting the way from Saturday, January 30thfor two weeks, there is no excuse to miss the celebration. Its a once in a lifetime “must do” and the good news is that it happens every year so you have plenty of opportunity.

Mardi Gras Basics: Master these facts and you’ll be a professional Mardi Gras-goer.

-Colors: The official Fat Tuesday colors are purple, green and gold. Rex, King of Mardi Gras,  selected these colors himself back in 1872. Purple stands for justice, gold represents power, and green for faith. This color palette even influenced Louisiana State University and Tulane University when picking their official school colors.

-Costumes: Don’t be afraid to dress up on Mardi Gras Day! With costume contests in every part of the city, you have to join in on the fun! When you’re not decked out in costume, make sure to wear purple, green and gold somewhere on your body (you’ll see some interesting placements)!

-Score some beads: Just a heads-up- watch out for beads, doubloons, cups and trinkets that may be airborne during parades. Otherwise, enjoy the snag! If you don’t walk away with at least 50lbs of beads that you caught, then you didn’t attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans!

Plan, plan, plan! Planning ahead is of the utmost importance if you’re planning to attend Mardi Gras. Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts usually fill up pretty fast, but don’t lose total hope if your’re reading this post the first week of February! Persistence pays off and sometimes there are last minute cancellations of non-refundable bookings. Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts will try and help customers re-sell the rooms. So call and ask as late as January and into February.

So you can’t make it this year? Then now is the time to inquire about 2011. Start your search on February 17th and see what’s available. Its never too early for Mardi Gras. “Let the good times roll!”
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