Only in New Orleans! GEAUX SAINTS!

The city of New Orleans has gone wild with the success of its football team. The feeling of euphoria over the team making it to the Superbowl is as unifying as was the comeback spirit that manifested after Katrina. Its universal across all citizens no matter their cultural, religious or educational background.

Of course, there were skeptics over the40 years that the city had to wait for a Superbowl. One such individual was revered radio sportscaster Buddy DiLiberto.  Buddy D was a local sportswriter/broadcaster/radio personality in the New Orleans area for years, and when the Saints went 5-0 in 1993 and everyone was calling in saying we were going to the Superbowl, Buddy said he would wear a dress and parade down Bourbon if they made it; and since he was sooo big he would need a tent maker to make his dress (this is where Abdul D the Tentmakur was created by a fan, its another story). Anyway,  Buddy passed away a few years ago, never having the opportunity to wear a dress.  Bobby Hebert, football legend in Louisiana and now Buddy D’s radio replacement, decided to keep the promise…and it came to pass that we MADE IT! So, WWL, the radio station in the metro area planned a Buddy D/ Bobby’ broads Dress Parade. They expected about 500-1000 guys to dress up with Bobby and the Radio crew to parade from the Superdome to bourbon street……. well..much like EVERYTHING we do in New Orleans…it was done to excess! There were over 5000 men dressed, and over EIGHTY THOUSAND folks that came out to watch…it was a sight to behold…check out the video!


Have you been in New Orleans in recent weeks and witnessed the Saints mania? Tell us your story in the comment section below.

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