Wine conoisseurs & foodies rejoice! The New Orleans wine and food experience comes this May

Whether you fancy a red zin or an oaky chardonnay, the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE) will have just the thing to please your palate. The five-day extravaganza begins on May 25, 2010; this means you still have ample time to book five days of pure indulgence.

NOWFE makes the list as one of the world’s top ten wine-and-food festivals, and as the last scents of spring mingle in the warm summer air, New Orleans is a haven of sights and smells to feast on.  Speaking of feasting, you cannot mention the Big Easy without talking about the culinary delights widely available. In fact, some of the Avenue Inn’s favorite restaurants are participating in the fest, including: Commander’s Palace, Café Adelaide & The Swizzle Stick Bar, and Pascal Manale’s. Get ready to taste the morsels that made New Orleans cuisine famous!

The festival is so popular, you can play a fun game of spot the celeb! Highly acclaimed Chef John Besh, a New Orleans local who owns four restaurants in town, will be in attendance, along with food critic Lori Gaudin, Chef Donald Link, internationally acclaimed Chef Susan Spicer, Ziggy “The Wine Gal” Eschliman, wine educator Michael Green, Bravo’s Top Chef Season 5 Contestant Chef Jeff McInnis, and you may just catch a peak of Bravo’s Top Chef Season 5 Winner Hosea Rosenberg hanging out. It is safe to say guests should be armed with a camera- and possibly a wine bottle for autographs!

Tickets for festival events will need to be purchased for each guest, and can be done so  here . If you want to go big, try the Grand Taster package for VIP treatment. Guests will be reassured knowing that NOWFE is a non-profit organization, making a point to donate much of the ticket revenue in giving back to the New Orleans community.

Want to make your May getaway over the top?  Enjoy a bed and breakfast experience. The Avenue Inn B&B has availability in May and would love to show you the beautiful town of NOLA that we call home.


Have you attended a New Orleans food and wine festival? Please leave your comments and share your experiences here.

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