New Orleans Fish Industry Will Not Drown

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The BP oil spill has a lot of people up in arms, especially the residents of New Orleans. And with good reason. According to reports, the spill hit shoreline early last Friday morning.

Since efforts such as controlled burning, plugging the leak and dispersal have all been unsuccessful, people are beginning to worry. Containment chambers are scheduled to be dropped on top of the leaks; hopefully that will get the flow under control.

The results of this tragedy are most pronounced in the seafood market. The rumors have spread and its possible that this industry will be effected for quite awhile. But all is not doom and gloom. Able to answer some tricky questions and fishy issues surrounding the oil spill is renowned New Orleans food writer Tom Fitzmorris.  His thoughts on the recent catastrophe were published in The New Orleans Menu Daily.

The basic summary is that yes, the catastrophic spill may have greatly harmed the seafood industry, but it is not an end-all situation. So it is time to quit worrying- New Orleans beloved cuisine will prevail.

We hope people will not panic and recognize that the media often paints a picture of partial facts, leaving out inconvenient truths. Do plan to come to New Orleans, we are 100 miles from the coast and all is normal for tourists visiting town. You will find the finest safest seafood in the world along with some great venues and wonderful Jazz.


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