Restaurant Dish: La Petite Grocery Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant Dish: La Petite Grocery

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LPG La Petite Grocery, led by executive chef Justin Devillier, is making a name for itself among NOLA’s finest establishments. When you dine at La Petite Grocery you are not only indulging in the crème de la crème of New Orleans inspired cuisine, but also partaking in the rich history that surrounds the restaurant, from the name to the location. And the bonus is that the restaurant is only a few blocks from your New Orleans Bed and Breakfast.

The name of the restaurant came from its own building’s historical story. It all started on the corner of Magazine and Berlin, which is now known as General Pershing Street.  A simple cottage  that was built by John B. Willig,  was leased by Frank W. Mackie, an eager entrepreneur, and they joined forces to create a specialty grocer outlet offering the finest imported teas, fresh-roasted coffee and the creamiest butters. During the store’s 35 prosperous years, Mr. Mackie acquired ownership of the store from Willig.

But in May 1908, tragedy struck when a fire left the entire area devastated. Mr. Willig and his daughter made an honorable gesture and rebuilt the store for Mackie, with the help of others, right at the same location. This resulted in a building that stood out from any other in the area. It featured a grocery in front that specialized in butter, tea, and coffee.  A barn resided behind, used for carriages, horses, and stable caretakers. The store was passed down in the Mackie family for close to 4 decades, but finally closed down in 1982.

La Petite Grocery is the most recent tenant of that historical 100-year old building, having opened its doors in March, 2004.  Today, La Petite Grocery follows the same tradition of the former store and proudly offers coffee from local roasters, fresh produce and exotic teas. A meal at La Petite Grocery evokes the sensation of the rich heritage as guests enjoy the fresh offerings of which Mr. Willig and Mr. Mackie were oh so fond of. And the locals and New Orleans bed and breakfast guests have been soaking up the heritage that La Petite offers.

LPGfood3As for the menu, guests can enjoy items like double cut pork chop with roasted pepper jam, gulf fish “court boullion” with blue crab beignet, all natural chicken with sauteed kale & bread pudding, and veal flank steak with Parmesan risotto and bone marrow demi-glace, just to name a few.

Be warned: Uptown New Orleans bed and breakfast out of towners and regulars usually keep the seats pretty warm at this gourmet spot, so be sure to make a dinner reservation ahead of time. In a hurry? Grab a drink at La Petite Grocery and choose from an extensive wine list (by the glass or bottle) or go for an inspired cocktail to start your night out right. Whatever the occasion may be, La Petite Grocery will go beyond your expectation with style and flair. Whether on lunch break or attending a full course dinner, you’ll bask in the ambiance of richly prepared foods and an even richer Louisiana history.


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