Avenue Inn B&B Featured in Air Tran Magazine

If you did not pick up the September 2010 copy of Air Tran Magazine you may not be aware that this New Orleans bed and breakfast was featured in the issue!The Avenue Inn B&B “Breaking Up” package, which has saved many a broken heart, was the topic of interest last month.

Note:  8/11/14
While the article is no longer available online (nor is the publication), we are happy to report that we are still offering this package to our overnight guests!

Some package highlights include pints Ben & Jerry’s heavenly ice cream to enjoy on the porch chit chatting, your very own copy of the book He’s Just Not That Into You, a one-hour massage, and a traditional NOLA voodoo doll you can take the liberty to name. There’s always the French Quarter just a streetcar away if you recover fast and want to mingle…taking advantage of the Avenue Inn’s convenient location is half the fun of a New Orleans getaway after all.

So the next time you find yourself cursing what’s-their-name and popping chocolates into your mouth faster than you can say “pity party,” think of this New Orleans bed and breakfast, the Avenue Inn B&B and treat yourself right.

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