National World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA: Guests at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast proclaim, “Awesome”.


National WWII Museum, New Orleans

It’s been somewhat of a secret for the past 11 years since its opening in 2000, but as time has marched on, so has the reputation of this world class venue. Founded by respected historian, author and scholar, Dr. Stephen Ambrose, the National World War II Museum opened on June 6 of that year to the thrill of visitors, veterans and locals. It is the only museum in the United States that details all of the amphibious invasions or “D-Days” of World War II and pays tribute to more than 16 million Americans who took part in this worldwide conflict.

It was here in New Orleans, LA that ship designer and builder, Andrew Higgins was awarded the contract to build the specialized landing craft that was used in the invasion of France. President Eisenhower believed and stated that Higgins innovation “won the war for the Allies.” Accordingly, Ambrose set out to have the museum built in the place where the beginning to the end of the war was set in motion.

When our guests first arrive at the Inn, we spend a few minutes discussing the most popular attractions available to them. The Museum is top on our list, but we always get a somewhat skeptical response from everyone not a history or military buff.  So we urge them to give it a try and we have never failed to receive an “awesome” or similar exclamation upon their return from a day “visiting history”.

Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast guest with Victory Bells

Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast guest with Victory Bells

The museum has exhibits, a theatre showing a 4-D film narrated by Tom Hanks, a playhouse with scheduled weekend and matinee shows featuring “The Victory Bells” with song and dance from the 40’s. You can also enjoy a 40’s menu at the American Sector, a John Besh signature restaurant.

The National World War II Museum is a monument to the men and women who made the invasions in Europe, Africa and the Pacific theaters a complete success. It is truly “awesome” and a must see when you visit the Crescent City and a New Orleans bed and breakfast near the museum. Give us a call to check availability.

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