NOLA Brewery Open to Guests Visiting our New Orleans Bed and Breakfast

Not far from the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast at 3001 Tchoupitoulas Street is NOLA Brewery. It’s a short taxi ride for guests to New Orleans to plan a visit for an afternoon of education and fun. The brewery specializes in craft-brewed beers and currently offers four year-round brews and one seasonal variety.  Located in what is referred to as the Irish Channel, the team’s efforts have resulted in a line of great, local beers!

In recent months we have sent guests staying at our New Orleans Bed and Breakfast over to the brewery on Friday afternoons at 2:00pm for a tour of the facilities. The tour is usually guided by founder Kirk Coco and all have returned to the Inn saying that they enjoyed the experience and the free samples.

According to the brew master at NOLA brewery, the finest available ingredients are used in their beers. They include: English, Belgian, German, and American hops, a variety of malts from around the world, unique yeast blends and Peter Caddoo’s special touch.

Blonde Ale was the very first ale created in March of ’09 and is a great introductory medium-bodied beer.

Brown Ale is a brewery favorite with notes of mocha and nuts; this is a mild dark English ale.

Hopitoulas, their IPA offering combines a half-dozen of both malts and hops resulting in an alcohol content that is a bit higher than most beers.

“7th Street Wheat” started out as a Summer seasonal, but due to its popularity has made its place in their year round ales.  Named in honor of the 7th Street wharf across the street from the brewery, this filtered wheat ale is light-bodied American style with pounds of fresh lemon-basil added after fermentation.

You can’t think of NOLA without thinking of hurricanes (in one form or another), and NOLA Brewery has commemorated this by offering their Hurricane Saison seasonal spring ale with complex flavorings from what could be a small party of different malts, hops, and wheat.

Joe and Bebe, Innkeepers at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast will be happy to give you directions to the brewery. Come on down to New Orleans and enjoy the fun.

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