PoBoy’s are “PoFect” in the Big Easy According to New Orleans Bed and Breakfast Guests

When visitors arrive at our New Orleans Bed and Breakfast, one of the first questions they ask is “where can we find a good Po-Boy?”  Well, its not so much where they can be found as it is “how many places have Po-Boys nearby?’  And the answer is easy.  Po-Boy’s are everywhere. N’Awlins residents are known for their veracious appetite for all things food, so you know when there is a sandwich that is known as an area staple, it’s going to be better-than-good.  Locals have been eating this traditional fare for over 80 years, and a large percentage of casual eateries, and even some of the more upscale restaurants serve some version for this remoulade-slathered, French bread-based meal featuring fried seafood, tender meat or all types of exotic filings.  There’s even the Po-Boy Preservation Festival each year for the true worshipers of this classic New Orleans treat.

Where can you get one?  Check out the New Orleans Tours Po-Boy Tasting Tour post, or just ask when you’re here!


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