March Events in New Orleans: St Patricks Day

Although New Orleans is known for its French Creole roots, we have our fair share of Irish as well.  A very large number of Irish immigrants used NOLA as their entry port (more than anywhere else in the United States), and there is still a large contingent of Irish in New Orleans today who value their heritage as much as anyone else!  So in case you had any doubts about whether a New Orleans St. Patrick’s Day vacation is a good idea, let us assure you that it is!  Saint Patrick’s Day is the biggest New Orleans March event, and will be celebrated as such!

As the first big festival after Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick’s Day is welcomed by all as both an homage to the Irish Culture and an indicator that spring is just around the corner!  Common celebrations include parades and neighborhood parties, often based around community organizations.  Of course, the French Quarter boasts multiple parades to honor the Irish, and you may even see some floats from Mardi Gras reused during the parade.  During these processions, do not be surprised to catch a potato or cabbage thrown from the floats!

The NOLA annual Irish Channel St. Parade begins at 1pm on Saturday, March 17, 2011, and passes within only a few blocks 0f our New Orleans bed and breakfast, so guests have easy access for a great route-side parade spot during their stay!

Traveling to New Orleans before Saint Patricks Day weekend?  You can still partake in some of the fun!  A Saint Patricks Day Parade will be held on Metairie Road on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at noon.  Just 6 miles NNW of the inn, you can easily take a streetcar up for the event.  There may be other events happening throughout the week prior to the holiday, and we can let you know more about these during your stay.

No matter what you do for the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, be sure to wear your green, as this tradition is actively upheld in the city – no green, and you are likely to find yourself pinched!

So come to enjoy a stay with us at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast for your Saint Patty’s day, New Orleans vacation!  We are on the streetcar line with easy access to the French Quarter for the festival.  We have a three night minimum during this event.

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