Discover Historic New Orleans

New Orleans is truly full of rich history and stories.  Since its founding in 1718 by the French, New Orleans has been shaped by civil rights, wars, commodity production and trading, music and entertainment, tourism, and natural disasters.  The historic side of New Orleans can be experienced in many ways during your stay at our New Orleans bed and breakfast.

Many Tours are available to learn about the area’s history.  A Plantation Tour will let you experience the architecture and life surrounding these grand homesteads, a New Orleans Jazz Tour begins as Preservation Hall and explores the history of music in the Big Easy, and a Haunted Tour lets you learn about some of the more colorful and spooky aspects of our great city’s past.

The National WWII Museum not only commemorates the War as a whole, but also includes a Home Front Gallery section, highlighting area activities during the war, and compiling the experiences of local servicemen and women.

Since 1966, The Historic New Orleans Collection museum, research center, and publisher.  This organization is dedicated to studying and preserving the history and culture of New Orleans and surrounding areas.  The museum hosts a revolving variety of exhibitions and collections including art, photos, hand-crafted goods, memorabilia, and more.  The museum also hosts events including demonstrations, concerts, lectures, and sponsored celebrations.

The 1300-acre, historic City Park was once the site of the Allard Plantation.  First settled in the 1770’s, the land became the popular site for duels under the huge oaks that stand to this day, and the structures on the property are classic examples popular architectural styles throughout US history.

During your getaway, visit a historic NOLA restaurant.  Experience classic New Orleans food, a historical treat in itself.  If the restaurant hasn’t been there that long, the buildings in which they are located certainly have.  Some of these great eateries actually have historic records of the people who have owned and worked on the premises!

What would our great city be without its history of folklore?  Visit the Historic Voodoo Museum where the legacy of this unique religion is preserved and enjoyed.  Come see the artifacts, hear the tales, and experience the spirituality of this African-based belief.

The Historic New Orleans iPhone/iPad app will lead you to dozens of historic sites in the area.  Just choose one and go!

In fact, there is so much history and mystique surrounding New Orleans that it is practically woven into the core of the NOLA present.  All you need to do is step outside the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast, and you will immediately find yourself immersed in the historic atmosphere of our beautiful city!

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