Mobile NOLA Tools For Your New Orleans Visit

There is so much to see and do in New Orleans that it can honestly be a bit overwhelming.  Between the French Quarter, all the great food, the history, and the sights, how do you plan a single vacation in such a diverse city?  To help you along, Avenue Inn is pleased to present some great mobile tools to carry right along with you during our New Orleans getaway!

The following list is only a partial list of all apps available, including general informational apps, and a few special-topic apps that may be of interest to our guests.  Apps are available for both the iPhone and Android platforms – and sometimes both.  For your convenience, we’ve listed supported platforms for each app on our list.

GO NOLA – Android/iPhone/iPad – FREE:  THE official New Orleans Tourism app for visitors.  Identifies landmarks through the phone’s camera, provides walking tours narrated by John Goodman and Wendell Pierce, offers a restaurant guide and event calendar, identifies locations near your current position using GPS technology, provides insider tips, and gives directions to where you want to go.

French Quarter Finder – Android – FREE:  Your mobile guide for anything and everything you might want to find in the French Quarter including live music, shopping, restaurants, bars, and more.  This app has GPS recognition to recommend those attractions closest to your present position.

Historic New Orleans App – iPhone/iPad – FREE:  Using GPS technology, this app finds your current NOLA position and shows you early 1900’s photos taken in the same location.  The Guide Me! feature will actually guide you to additional nearby historic NOLA locations.

New Orleans Historical – Android – FREE:  Provides historic tours, interpretive stories, historic photos, and historic video about sites in New Orleans.  Interactive GPS capability guides you through tours or shows you nearby points of interest.

New Orleans City Guide – Android/iPhone/iPad – FREE:  Provides New Orleans facts, shows you those ‘must-see’ attractions, and lets you tag any sights that you want to visit on another day or during another trip to our beautiful city.

New Orleans App – Android – FREE:  Outlines attractions, and provides videos, images, local news and daily deals.

New Orleans Jazz Festival App – Android/iPhone/iPad – FREE:  The perfect place to find information before and during the NOLA Jazz Festival.  See the music lineup and get artist info, find your favorite food, see what artists are ‘now’ playing, and create a customized schedule for your Jazz Festival experience!

Guide Map New Oreans – iPhone/iPad – $ .99:  Maps famous New Orleans landmarks, and provides information about special attractions, museums, zoos, parks, and transportation.

The Streetcar App – Android for FREE, iPhone/iPad for $0.99 – Features streetcar tips, schedules, fare calculations, and live ride GPS information.

Gay New Orleans – iPhone/iPad Download – $0.99:  LGBT travel app that gives information on bars and nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, entertainment, and recreation.

Garden District Historic Mobile Tour – iPhone/iPad – $4.99:  A mobile tour guide of New Orleans’ historic garden district, pointing out landmarks to see, and offering historical audio information.

Official Paranormal Guide to New Orleans – iPhone/iPad – $6.99:  Pinpoints haunted sites around New Orleans and provides history, videos, and information regarding each.

This list is, by no means, comprehensive.  To find additional apps available for your platform, search on New Orleans or NOLA at your platform’s App Store.

We hope that these area apps help you plan an unforgettable NOLA trip!  As always, your New Orleans bed and breakfast innkeepers can provide you even more information about potential sites to see, and especially about those activities that only the locals know of.  We look forward to hosting your stay in the Big Easy!

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