Enjoy a Delicious New Olreans Po’boy at Domilise

If you know anything about New Orleans food, then you know the history of the iconic Po-boy sandwich, invented right here in the Big Easy.  They’re literally everywhere around the city, whether you’re in a small place, or a fine restaurant.  As your ever-attentive hosts during your getaway in New Orleans, we’d like to let our guests in on a great place to get these iconic sandwiches.  It’s a little off the beaten path, but just 1.5 short miles from our bed and breakfast is Domilise: arguably one of the best places for Po-boys in the entire city!

Looking like the Uptown neighborhood tavern that it basically is, some may be surprised to find out that this is one of the “must eat” restaurants in the city.  As a family-owned and run eatery for over 70 years, both the building and the food are what you might call “no-frills.” But, oh, the bliss when you take your first bite!

With a full menu of Po’boy options, a favorite is the hot smoked sausage filling, and they also serve some of the best seafood versions around!  Try the shrimp, oyster, or make it a half-and-half with both!  Of course, no matter which you choose, you won’t regret it.  Be sure to let them know whether you want your sandwich “dressed” with tomato, lettuce, and mustard… and specify “hot” or “regular” for either grainy Creole mustard with a kick, or traditional yellow mustard.

Be ready though – if you arrive during standard lunch hours, you WILL have to take a number.  This nondescript little eatery is a very popular place for lunch in the blue-collar neighborhood where it is located.  But don’t let the wait scare you – it might just take you that long to sort through the overwhelmingly delicious scent of the food, and to decide exactly which Po-boy you want to try.

While this small establishment has very limited table space, why not opt for a take-out order and head over to the Audubon Park, where there is plenty of space to enjoy your meal?  Granted, you can’t take your beer with you.  However, if you opt for a long-neck Barq’s root beer or other beverage option, you’ll do just fine!  Or you can bring your sandwiches and your own beer back to the inn to enjoy on the porch or patio!

Domilise is usually open daily except for Thursdays and Sundays, from 10:00 am to 7:00pm, making this an ideal location for a casual lunch, dinner, and everything in between!  However, since this is a family-owned restaurant, it is their prerogative to step out on a whim!  We will be glad to call for you to make sure the eatery is indeed open before you step out for some amazing Po’boys during your inn stay at our New Orleans bed and breakfast to make your NOLA adventures complete!

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