Get Your Lederhosen Ready for NOLA’s Oktoberfest 2012

Although October is still three months away, it’s never too soon to make plans for NOLA’s annual Oktoberfest.  As one of the more popular area activities attracting up to 15,000 total guests, lodging options fill up quickly.  So plan your visit to New Orleans for three weekends of food, beer, and fun for the entire family on October 12-13, 19-20, and 26-27, 2012 in Kenner’s Rivertown, just 14 miles from our bed and breakfast!

While the Big Easy is known mostly for its French heritage, it may surprise you to know that people of German descent actually make up the largest cultural group in the state of Louisiana.  The Germans initially settled up-river from New Orleans and thrived.  Eventually, those of German descent began to migrate into the city (notably during the mid 1800’s), and now comprises the second largest European ancestral population after the French.

NOLA Oktoberfest is hosted by Deutsches Haus, whose mission is to preserve and share the rich German heritage in the Big Easy.  The event allows those of German descent to celebrate their (heritage), and allows everyone else to learn about and indulge in everything the culture has to offer!  It also provides funds needed for Deutsches Haus to operate, and to put on future events.

Enjoy traditional German food featured at the event including favorites such as sauerkraut, bratwurst, pretzels, and more!  You will also find traditional German music by area performers, often accompanied by German dancing performances, or maybe just dancing in the crowd.  Over 20 German beers will be featured at the event to quench your thirst.

All this and more awaits you during your vacation in New Orleans this October!  So reserve your room(s) now to enjoy Oktoberfest, 2012!

The Avenue Inn says “Don’t drink and drive!”  While this is a German event featuring German beer, we implore you to celebrate responsibly by designating a responsible driver for your return-trip to our B & B accommodations!

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