2012 Film Festival Offers New Orleans Movie Entertainment

One week each October, it’s all about the movies when our city hosts what has become known as the “Cannes on the Mississippi.”  The New Orleans Film Festival features films and short films from local directors, national names, and entries from abroad.  This year, October 11-18, 2012 will see some 10,000+ attendees make the pilgrimage to the Crescent City to take in the movies, the personalities, and the gatherings.  While tickets for the event are not yet available, area lodging options fill up fast and early, so make plans for your Film Festival vacation with us today!

The films have already been submitted to what Moviegoer Magazine has named one of the 25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee, which means the official schedule will be released before too long!  But if last year is any indication, we can expect to see a wide variety of dramas, documentaries, and shorts, and many creations from Louisiana filmmakers about subjects that locals feel strongly about – whether they be social, economic, or political.  In fact, Louisiana now ranks third in the nation for film and television production, behind New York and California, guaranteeing that the New Orleans Film Society (who hosts the event) will have a lot to consider when planning this year’s schedule!

Whether new to the business, or already established, filmmakers that attend (almost 150 last year) often find recognition outside of the festival.  Many have been nominated for, or won, Academy Awards, Oscars, Independent Spirit Awards, and have even become established in the business.  You may recognize the name Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover and Old School, who was an early Festival winner!

While the week is geared toward filmmakers themselves, the public is also able to attend movie screenings and some events.  In the past, any opening movie attendees were admitted to the Opening Night Party for free with their ticket stub.  Throughout the week, movie screenings will be held all over the city at at least ten different locations.  The Festival traditionally holds a student pitch event, an I Love Louisiana Day, two or three miscellaneous discussions (last year these included a talk with HBO series Treme stars, and a discussion about the local film community), and a Closing Night Party.

Tickets to movie screenings usually range from $10-$15, with options for multi-film passes, and should go on sale once the final event schedule is announced.  Prices are discounted slightly for New Orleans Film Society members.  The opening night films are known to be the best of the festival, but don’t let that scare you away from any others – we all know that we don’t all agree with movie reviewers!

This year’s date range is longer in length than previous years, making us wonder just what is in store.  But one thing is for sure:  movie-lovers have plenty to look forward to during this iconic movie event!  Give us a call to reserve your favorite bed and breakfast room at our Garden District inn, and enjoy a week of big-screen entertainment on the bayou!


Please note that, due to the popularity and scope of this event, there is a 4-night minimum stay between October 11-18.  Thank you for your understanding.



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