Coolinary New Orleans: Eat Your Fill at Great Restaurants

New Orleans is known for a variety of things including Mardi Gras, Jazz music, and FOOD!!!  Oh, we do enjoy our food – both preparing and consuming food are two of almost every resident’s primary hobbies (and even a profession for some).

But we go much further than that, as all of August 2013 (and every year) is a city-wide celebration of food and fun during COOLinary New Orleans.  This annual tradition celebrates cuisine of all types, offering special multi-course meals at more than 50 restaurants.  (Okay, okay, only 10 are listed as of the writing of this post, but keep watch as the list grows over the next month!)

Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, you will be offered a two-course lunch for $20 or a dinner of 2-3 courses for just $35.  Check the restaurants’ listings to see whether they offer lunch, dinner, or both.

What kind of food might you be offered?  Oh, just a little of this, and a little of that – and all will leave your stomach full and your taste buds satisfied!  No matter the restaurant, you can be sure that both Gulf seafood and local flavors will be prominently featured.  Try Broussard’s award-winning Sweet Potato, Corn & Shrimp Bisque.  Or how about Louisiana Gulf Shrimp, Coconut Curry and Rice Noodles from GW Fins?  And among the unforgettable culinary creations there will surely be some delicious NOLA staples on the menus including Andoulle, Red Beans and Rice, Jambalaya, and more!

Want to bring some of the event home with you?  Participating restaurants offer recipes for dishes featured during the event.

What can make this eating experience even more perfect?  How about the warm welcome and Victorian comfort of a great bed and breakfast?  Avenue Inn will give you a central base for your dining experiences, complete with sincere hospitality and an unforgettable setting.  And having tried all of them ourselves, we’ll be happy to direct you to those establishments that you shouldn’t miss!

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