NOLA Downtown Music and Arts Festival 2013

We would like to formally invite all musicians and music lovers to stay with us during September 26, 27, and 28, 2013 for the Downtown Music and Arts Festival, presented by the Music Business institute, partnering with Cutting Edge Conferences and Events to showcase artists, music, and the downtown area.

We’re not kidding when we say that this is a seriously big music event.  Billed as “Mardi Gras in September”, there ARE 180 artists and bands from all over the country coming to perform in a total of seven venues over the three-day weekend, from Lafayette Square to performance halls and local clubs (but the primary location is the Old US Mint on  Esplanade Avenue.  Most performers are from the NOLA area, but we’ll have visiting sounds from at least a dozen other states performing their take on rock, acoustic, gospel, blues, Americana, and Jazz.  You can take the stage as well during one of the open microphone sessions during the event!

However there is more than “just amazing music” happening at the festival!  Films will be featured (some with live music performances as backing soundtracks), dramatic readings and poetry will be presented, comedians will keep you rolling in the aisles, DJs will have you dancing until you drop!  And if you are an artist who is interested in growing your career, look for seminars and legal education presentations happening during the event.

Did we mention that it is FREE to attend any part of this event?

And wouldn’t you know that access to the activities are just a short streetcar-ride away from our bed and breakfast in the Garden District!  After a filling Continental Breakfast in the morning, you can head out to the streetcar stop just a few steps from our front gate!  Come back during the day for a siesta and a snack (always available in the dining room), or spend all day on-location before coming back the quiet of the uptown area for a relaxing rest.

We look forward to your visit!

Please note that while the streetcars do run after dark, the frequency drops… so we suggest that you consider a taxi for your ride back to the inn with no waiting!

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