NOLA Welcomes Great Writers: 2013 Words & Music Festival

New Orleans has a long history of literature.  A number of authors, both current and historic, have either called NOLA their home, or spent a considerable amount of time here.  For all of you who love literature, whether you love reading it, writing it, or both, will also love our city’s annual Words and Music Festival: five days of programs offered for both readers and writers!  Sponsored by the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, this event is the perfect opportunity for readers to more fully appreciate the written word.  It is also the perfect opportunity for writers to receive critiques and support for their written works, whether or not they hope to be published.  In essence, the Words and Music Festival is a literary-lover’s dream!

The Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society is a non-profit organization that was created on acclaimed writer, and Nobel Prize winner, William Faulkner’s birthday in 1990.  The group actively supports literary and literacy projects to benefit our youth, and writers and readers of all ages.  During the year, the organization offers a variety of events and activities to support these worthy goals.

In late November or early December of each year, the Society offers the Words and Music Festival; the largest event of the year.  Five days of programs and events is offered to both readers and writers.  The official 2013 event listing includes:

  • Writing Sessions, including How to Write a Sceenplay, How to Write a Memoir,  tips for getting your novel published/produced, and how to get the right agent and work with an editor,
  • Manuscript Critiques (submissions are due by November 1),
  • Discussions on how to fully appreciate Faulkner’s works,
  • Presentations on individual topics by a variety of authors,
  • Book Signings,
  • Workshops for both readers and writers,
  • Literature Readings,
  • Music events,
  • and more!

Pricing is a bit complicated, but basically there are three main options for single attendees:

  • A Full Tuition Package for Writers is $475.
  • A Discussion Pass for Readers is $200.
  • An Individual All-Events Pass is $800.
  • Group All-Events discounts and a la carte prices are also available.

The Words and Music website has a complete breakdown of what each type of ticket includes.  Registration is open for your convenience!

Of course, you’ll also want to reserve your favorite room here at Avenue Inn for welcoming comfort after each day of the event.  The Event location, Hotel Monteleone, is just a very short walk from the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar’s last stop on Canal Street.  We look forward to hosting your stay during the 2013 Words and Music Festival!

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