Red Chair Travels to Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast in NOLA

You may have heard about lawn ornaments that go missing, only to have their owners find photos of their travels in the mail.  Or maybe you’re aware of the Flat Stanley projects of grade-schoolers across the country, where a lowly paper doll is sent off to have grand adventures…

But do you know of the Red Chair?

A humble office chair painted red, this new icon of USA travel came to be in 2012 when owner Elizabeth Colt, an innkeeper herself of the Woods Hole Inn in MA, found it in a secondhand store in New England, and purchased it (and it’s twin) for use on her deck.  While using the chair as a place to lace up ice skates at the pond behind her home, she took a photo of the lone chair by the pond as an afterthought (after almost forgetting the poor thing).  And then she posted it to Facebook.

redchairJust like all accidental celebrities, her little red chair soon had a fan… who asked to borrow it… and who proceeded to take another photo of the Red Chair on a beach.  Seeing the photo of the Red Chair’s trip inspired Elizabeth to continue the chair’s journeys throughout the United States and asked other New England innkeepers to host the chair and show it  around.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Red Chair has visited locations throughout New England, and is now on a journey to the west coast.  She has already arrived with luggage in tow at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans.  Innkeepers Joe and Bebe offered welcome gifts of Mardi Gras beads and a hat in anticipation of the Carnival parades that will pass in front of the mansion in just a few weeks. The chair has appointments around the state, but indicated that she is in talks with her handlers to allow her to make it back to New Orleans in time for all the Mardi Gras fun.

From NOLA, the chair continued her travels to Baton Rouge.  If she doesn’t manage to return to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, she will continue her way west. Who knows what adventures await this humble furnishing along the way?

Want to live vicariously though the chair’s adventures?  Visit the Red Chair Travels Blog to see where the chair stops during its trip!

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