What Concierge Services do Innkeepers Offer in New Orleans?

button-asktheinnkeeperWhen people think of concierge services, their minds may go to those impeccably-dressed, ultra-polite men and women who work at a desk just to the side of the front desk at high-end hotels. Paid to cater to guests’ every need, these dedicated individuals have a way to get almost anything and everything a guest might wish for… during their working hours.

If you think about it, bed and breakfast owners LIVE this job year-round. As inn owners, it is in our best interest to cater to our guests, both to provide them with an enjoyable and exemplary stay, but also to garner additional business in the future. Our reputations are our lives, and we live to serve.

That being said, there ARE some above-and-beyond services that NOLA innkeepers routinely offer our guests when they stay with us. Some of these services are complimentary, and others bear the cost of preparation. But all are offered to help you enjoy your time with us and make your stay as memorable as possible:

Restaurant Recommendations/Reservations
Most innkeepers routinely offer recommendations to great places to eat, both local to their inn, and local to the city. And making your reservations is a second-nature followup. What sets some innkeepers apart is their personal relationships to a restaurant. Not only can they recommend great places, but sometimes, if the innkeeper calls ahead or you mention that you’re staying at a particular inn while dining, small additional favors may come your way (discounts, free beverages, and a better table are just a few examples).

Activity Suggestions
Because we live IN New Orleans, we have LIVED New Orleans. We’ve seen the sights, attended the events, we know the nearest gym, the best museums and shows, the best tours… the list goes on and on. So let us know what your interests are – we’ll gladly point you to correlating activities!

Special Room Preparation
Innkeepers can arrange to have flowers/chocolates/cheese and crackers/champagne/a gift waiting in your room when you arrive… or on any night of your stay. Even spur-of-the-moment preparations can sometimes be met (your sweetie especially enjoyed the flowers at the Botanical Garden – give us a call to have some waiting when you return… etc). Chances are good that we can help with your needs.

Shopping Suggestions
Fashion, jewelry, quirky gift stores, the best voodoo shops… again, we live here, and we’ve probably been to most of the retail establishments in a five-mile radius. And if we don’t know of a place, there’s a good chance that we know someone who does and can get you answers!

While we often can’t have big-ticket event tickets here for you (we have the same chance as everyone else to procure these), some innkeepers CAN often have other tickets available to you: museum, theater, zoo, amusement park, or almost any other readily-available destination.

Arranging Spa Services
We are happy to make arrangements for you at local spas. And sometimes we can even arrange for the spa to visit you at your particular inn! Massages, mini mani/pedi services, and some of the smaller (more transportable) services may be able to be scheduled in your own room, depending on your inn.

Other Services
Want to pre-send a box to have here for your stay? Need something shipped home? Do you need us to have special dietary/preference foods for you? Need a picnic packed for a day in the park? Need to know the best local barber/salon for a quick trim? Need us to receive your purchases during a shopping trip (receipt of local deliveries)? Not every innkeeper provides all of these services, but most will provide some of the above… and a myriad of others.

This list does not cover all of the concierge services that innkeepers provide their guests by a LONG shot. The best thing to do is discuss your known plans and needs with a potential innkeeper before booking a room to make sure your needs can be met. And if any needs pop up during your stay, all you have to do is give us a call and make a request – most of us will see what we can do for you!

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