Upscale or Foodie Dining in New Orleans

Continuing with our latest subject matter, we offer some suggestions for those who are looking for something a little more upscale when dining in New Orleans.

Whether you are celebrating an event, milestone or life in general, or if you’re simply the type of person who enjoys more refined food offerings on a regular basis, there are plenty of choices here in NOLA during your bed and breakfast getaway.

Most of our suggestions in this genre are either contemporary Creole, or modified French or American with a local influence. The average price per plate at these establishments is between $45-65 per person. Of course this list only touches the surface: with 1400 amazing restaurants in town, you never know what your (or our) next favorite place will be. So feel free to ask for updates when you stay at Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast!

Of course, we’ll be glad to help procure reservations for lunch or dinner at the upscale eatery of your choice:

Upperline – Located just over 1/2 mile from the inn at 1413 Upperline Street, the Upperline Restaurant has a little of everything on the menu, and it’s near impossible to make a mistake with any choice you make. If you’re in the mood for local flavor, try the Taste of New Orleans prix fixe menu for sampler servings of seven local favorites!

Commander’s Palace – Just a mile from the inn at 1403 Washington Avenue stands the proud blue building that houses this amazing restaurant where Chef Tory McPhail produces unforgettable fare inspired by local flavors. The food is even more amazing when you consider that most of the herbs used in the kitchen are grown right on the building’s roof!

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen – It is an easy 10-minute streetcar ride to the French Quarter and K-Paul’s amazing fare including many local favorites. Widely known for his blackened redfish, your tastebuds will be pleased with any of Chef Paul Prudhomme’s creations.
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La Petite Grocery – No, this is not a grocery store… anymore. Yes, you will leave full, satisfied, and VERY happy when you dine here! Another neighbor of Avenue Inn (just 1/2 mile from the inn on Magazine Street), La Petite Grocery offers American fare with a French twist… all using local ingredients whenever possible.
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Patois – The two-point-something mile drive is worth it to dine at Patois on Laurel Street near Audubon Park. Here you’ll find a wide variety of traditional American gourmet options with that NOLA influence.

Bistro Daisy – An Uptown favorite located about two miles from Avenue Inn (an easy taxi ride), Bistro Daisy claims Contemporary Creole fare. However the menu itself is full of upscale American favorites as well. And save room for one of the amazing dessert creations!
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Cochon – Okay, so the restaurant is named “pig,” but don’t let that discourage you… because what you’ll find inside this Tchoupitoulas Street warehouse eatery is pretty much heavenly. Chef Link embraces his local roots with amazing southern and Gulf Coast favorites.

GW Fins – The French Quarter houses THE place for seafood at GW Fins. Whether the incredients are procured locally or flown in from around the world, Chef Tenney Flynn makes them melt in your mouth – you’ll be begging for more!
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Coquette – Magazine Street again shows its ability to bring great food to the city with Coquette. Choose from Small or Large Plate options featuring local dishes and those from around the country. Or try the five-course blind tasting for the entire table.

Lilette – Again on Magazine Street just a few blocks from the inn, Lilette offers American favorites with both French and Italian influences. Chef Owner Jon Harris and staff will challenge your tastebuds and make you glad you chose Lilette.
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Restaurant August – Tchoupitoulas Street holds another gem in Restaurant August where perfection is presented on a plate in the form of European flavors. Chef John Besh offers fantastic dishes that you can choose singly, or pick one of the prixe fixe menus (one is vegetarian).
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Domenica – You might think “Okay, it’s a pizza place.” And that’s where you’d sell this eatery short in every way possible. With a menu packed full of Italian delights, you’ll have a difficult time saving room for the end-of-meal sweets. Sure, order one of the amazing pizzas, or any number of the surprising and delicious menu choices.

Mr. B’s Bistro – They call it ‘Creole’, but it’s so much more than that with a good selection of southern flair and flavors… not to mention the Alaskan Salmon. Executive Chef Michelle McRaney brings a female’s point of view to local flavors and ingredients.

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