Meet Miss Lou: New MS and LA Travel Package

Avenue-Inn-1Several years ago, I happened to meet up with Janice DeLerno, a friend of mine who runs The Stockade Bed and Breakfast in Baton Rouge, LA. Janice and I were brainstorming over lunch while attending an industry seminar about special packages. Somehow we got into discussion about the interesting history of the aristocratic people of Louisiana and how they lived their lives. These were the plantation owners and the wealthy and we realized that our two properties sort of represented the city and country folk of yesteryear.

Stockade-4Weeks later, still thinking about our conversation, I did some research and discovered that in fact, wealthy families often owned multiple properties. I guess one might say they had a winter and summer “home” setup as well as traveling between the two for both business and pleasure. So we set up a special promotion to honor that tradition and called it Town and Country. We gave guests the opportunity to book both of our Inns as a special package. It was an immediate hit.

DevereauxRecently, at another trade conference, we had dinner with a dear mutual friend, Ron Fry who has a lovely inn called the Deveraux Shields House in Natchez, Mississippi. He saw our promotion online and told us about the history of his city, Natchez. This ole Southern grande dame city sits (more or less) on both sides of the Mississippi River. They have a local phrase there that refers to the area. Its short for Mississippi/Louisiana, or “Miss Lou”. At that moment three light bulbs went on! Why not expand our two-inn package to a three-inn package and give prospective travelers the opportunity to have a pre-planned trip to three very Southern locations?

And so, a star was born.Miss-Lou-Logo

Our latest offering is Meet Miss Lou, a three-Inn excursion through two states with great accommodations and lots to do. We know this will be a fun and wonderful experience that combines the city, the country and in-between. Just like they did back in the 1800’s. For more detail, go to Meet Miss Lou and check it out.

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