St. Charles Avenue Streetcar Line Stops at Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast

Everyone asks about the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar that stops in front of Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast. Its been running in one form or another since 1835 and the current electric cars date back to the late 1890’s.

The fare is just $3.00 for an all day pass with unlimited riding on any streetcar or RTA city bus. You need exact change when you get on the car and conductor will give you a pass.

A single ride is $1.25 and exact change is required.
Seniors enjoy a single ride for just $0.40 but many forgo this savings in lieu of the convenience of the all day pass and no change worries.

Service is subject to change at anytime; traffic, the number of riders and other factors may effect the arrival time at your stop.

Currently, all of the street car lines are functioning. There is one new line still under construction which we hope will be completed sometime in 2016. This will give our guests access to the eastern side of the French Quarter and in the neighborhoods beyond. The streetcars will, on average, pass in front of our inn about every 20 minutes during the day, but they are slower at night. We suggest a taxi home in the evenings.

Here’s some really good news about the streetcar system:
They now offer a free app so you can track the location of an approaching streetcar!!!

If you have a smart phone, go to WDSU Transit Tracker in the Apps Store and download it. You will be able to instantly find out how far away an approaching streetcar is from your location!

For those who really love the details, you might discover a few more bits of trivia about the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar Line via Wikipedia.

We are happy to answer any questions about transportation that you may have for us, and we’ll even make change for you before you head out the door!

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