Bananas Foster: A Sweet Taste Of New Orleans

Who would have thought that an overabundance of bananas would be responsible for such a delectable dish! But that is just what happened in the creation of one of New Orleans most beloved desserts, Bananas Foster.

Brennan’s Restaurant, a longtime fixture in the French Quarter, made the dessert famous in the 1950’s and it’s been a menu staple ever since—and not just there, but in restaurants across the city and the country. How it came to be is how so many great recipes do, through necessity.

According to the Brennan history, Owen Brennan found himself with a surplus of bananas. Back in the 1950’s, New Orleans was a major port for bananas shipped in from Central and South America. So bananas were plentiful. Apparently too plentiful for Owen Brennan, who challenged his sister and baker, Ella, to create a new dessert using the restaurant’s abundance of bananas. What she came up with was Bananas Foster, curiously named for Richard Foster, Owen’s friend and fellow member of the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

The simple dish carries a lot of wow factor, as it is prepared and flambéed tableside. Little did Ms. Brennan realize that her syrupy mix of butter, sugar, cinnamon, banana liquor, and bananas, flavored with a shot of rum and served over vanilla ice cream would become such a masterpiece. You can find a recipe for the original on Brennan’s website. Better yet, make a date to go there and enjoy a serving of this oh-so-delicious dessert.

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