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Why Stay at Our New Orleans Bed and Breakfast?

We get hundreds of inquiries each week from folks planning a trip to the “City that Care Forgot.” Many have never been to our world-class city or experienced the French Quarter. Quite a few have not stayed in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast before. National statistics reflect that more than 94% of the U.S. population does not consider the Bed and Breakfast lodging option because they are just not aware of all the advantages, or they have a stereotypical idea of what they might experience. And most often, that mindset is not accurate.

We’re on a mission in the industry and here at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast, to break the cycle of misinformation and remove any apprehensions that some people may have about staying with us, or any of our counterparts across the nation. You can visit the Better Way to Stay website for some really eye-opening information about the Bed and Breakfast lodging option.

In addition, sit “face-to-face” with Joe and get some great information about the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast, insider tips, strategies and answers to many of the FAQ’s that you may have about your visit to the Big Easy.

Just click on the mini video topic that interests you. And check back, we update and add topics from time to time:

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Why Stay in New Orleans in a Bed and Breakfast?